July 14, 2009
So yesterday I followed the 1940's Hairstyle tutorial by Fluer and this is how my hair turned out...

I have a few tips about doing a 1940s hairstyle (from my own experience).

1.] You will achieve a more authentic 1940s look if you use rollers/curlers instead of a curling iron. I have used a curling iron before thinking I would achieve the same look... the difference is vast.

2.] A lightweight shine serum (such as Pantene, it smells wonderful and it's cheap!) will do wonders for making your hair look shiny and healthy. (My curls look super glossy! YAY!) I never really used serum before and always wondered why my curls looked dead and frizzy. Now I know!

3.] When I curled my hair I did use 3 different sized rollers as my hair is very layered. I did have to go through some of the bigger curls with a small 1 inch curling iron to get better curls, but again, for best results use rollers!

This 1940s hairstyle was quite easy to do. It took about 10 mins to get the curlers in my hair, about 25-30 mins to set, and 5 mins to brush them out and clip back. This morning my hair was still curled so I'm wearing my hair in a different 40's inspired look.

I'm wearing my mother's dress in the photos.


  1. Gorgeous! I am going to have to try this sometime!

  2. My hair is getting a bit long at the same time I've been wanting to add a classic touch to it!


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