July 21, 2009
Here are a few quick tips for dating vintage jewelry that I've found out about and thought I would share for those of you who collect or sell vintage jewelry.


You can look for vintage advertisements in magazines and also catalogs to get a feel for the age of the piece and also to familiarize yourself with what was in style during that time period.

Snake Bracelets - LIFE magazine 1964

CORO Faux Pearls - Mademoiselle 1964

CORO Nature + Insects - 1950

The copyright symbol on a piece of jewelry indicates a date of 1956 or later. In 1956 it became much more cost effective to register a design Copyright which led designers to abandoned the expensive patent registration process. From Penelope's Pearls


  1. interesting post! i really love the 1964 cover with the colorful pearls!


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