July 27, 2009
A bit of a background story: 5 years ago I met another vintage loving gal online (Kim) and throughout the years we've chatted about how much we love vintage, the strange similarities between our Mothers, and the daily ups and downs of life. So fast forward to this past weekend, we finally met in NYC for an afternoon at the MOMA. And here we are in our vintage wares (*hehe*) snapped in the streets of New York.
Kim is wearing a vintage floral 50s dress (lovely!) and a vintage ostrich leather handbag. I'm wearing a vintage 40s navy dress and carrying a 60s patent leather purse.


  1. You both looks great, I love your 40s look :-)

  2. I love the dolce 40s look. The dresses, the shoes you both look great!


  3. GORGEOUS mid night blue dress! also loving it with the t strap heels! perfect! www.nodtomodvintage.etsy.com

  4. Came here via Made by Girl. Your dress is amazing!


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