August 10, 2009
I had to share these with you as I am an avid and devoted fan of Anthropologie. When I receive their catalogs in the mail I must say I do a little happy wiggle dance. The August 2009 catalog I particularly loved because the models were "real people." And I put that in quotes because these real people still look very model-esque to me aside from perhaps not being 5'10 and a size 00.

But no matter... I want to get to the home sections! I absolutely love, love all things Anthropologie home. Not sure if you know, but many of the displays used in the shops are for sale! If you really love the hutch the colorful dishes and whimsical aprons are displayed in, you can purchase it (for a pretty penny mind you) And just another FYI... most of their display items are vintage and antiques (except the ones you see in the catalogs or online...that's obvious)

So, in short... here are scans from the Anthropologie August catalog I am happy to share with you.


  1. ohhh I hate when I leave a mess of typos for a comment! Sorry about that! :)

    I love anthropologie home...our local store is tiny, with very few homegoods. :( That is such an interesting fact that they use mainly vintage and antique displays!! I had no idea!

  2. I use to work 4 Anthro & lots of my inspiration for my accessories line comes from them. I'm an Anthro girl all the way! ;-)


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