August 2, 2009
Here is a quick little tip on dating your vintage clothes!

Care Labels became a requirement for garments in the United States in 1972. So if you've got a vintage dress that looks like it's from the 1950s but there is a Care Label... then you know it's not from the 50s! The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) decided upon the Care Labeling Rule on Dec 16th, 1971, it was later amended in 1983.

Some clothes made earlier than 1972 sometimes included a Care packet or booklet with the dress, but not a SEWN-IN label.

Hope that helps a bit in helping you date or determine the age of your vintage clothes!

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  1. Hi, regarding the care label....I think this halter top I have is from the 80s, but not for sure. Absolutely no info on the brand name that I can find! (Fashionart). Made in USA, no RN# just a style and cut#. Acrylic/spandex blend. It has 3 little pics for care. Black and white label and Made in USA. I'm wondering if there is a guide regarding when each different care picture was introduced so that I can narrow down the decade? Thanks for any help you can give me!



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