August 11, 2009
I am nearly done packing... I say about 80%? 10% being my office which I have hardly begun packing, and the other 10% just random things + items I still need before our move (my beloved coffee maker for example)

FYI FOR ORDERS: I will not be able to process new orders after the 16th of August. All orders placed after the 16th (Sunday) will not ship out until our arrival in California (+ time unpacking the office) So that's an estimate of an extra 2 weeks for order processing.

My brother-in-law and my 4 yr old nephew are coming in next Monday and they're going to drive cross-country with us and help us move all of our things. (Yes, we're renting a Penske truck and hauling everything ourselves!)

I'm truly excited about this long road trip! Cheap hotels, even cheaper food, and 3,000 miles... sounds great! HA! Ha!

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  1. Oh - I feel bad for you having to take a long road trip, but what fun - and starting in a whole new place - you will work wonders!!! Be sure and take some pictures along the way!


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