August 12, 2009
If you know me in real life, it will be no surprise to you that I am head over heels in love with this vintage mod mini dress. I love bright colors and poppy floral prints! I can just imagine wearing this dress for a luncheon, sitting at a sidewalk cafe, sipping a freshly squeezed lemonade perhaps. And I've got on strappy sandals and I would probably wear my hair in Heidi braids (I've been keen on this hairstyle lately, easy and muss free). And people would stroll by and go "Oh! Look at that girl in the happy dress! She looks so cheery and bright!" *hehe*

Simply put, this dress makes me smile, and if it were my size (ahh see...the sad note in an otherwise happy post) I would snatch this up immediately.

I already envy the lucky, happy girl who will be the owner of this. Vintage dress available for purchase from Maiden Rapture Vintage on Etsy.

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  1. i love that dress! great colors and cut! i hate when i find a dream piece and it's just not my size...sigh.


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