September 30, 2009 is my favorite "look-but-don't-touch" online vintage store mostly because the price tags on most of these pieces are more than the average take home paycheck.

But, no harm in looking, eh? So, here are few designer vintage pieces I am currently lusting over.

Sources: 1.] Christian Dior Bowler Hat 2.] Wool Navy Coat $775 3.] Fabiani Silk Dress 4.] French Beaded Clutch $395

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  1. I think virtual window shopping is such a fun way to pass the time every now and then. Somehow because I can't actually touch/stair at the items in person, I find it easier on the mind than "real world" window shopping. Almost as if you're admiring art that you know you can't begin to afford ;)

    Have a gorgeous Thursday, my dear!
    ♥ Jessica


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