September 9, 2009

I have officially been in California for a week and 1 day give or take a couple hours.

The drive from Orlando to Los Angeles was definitely interesting. Lots and lots of driving (obvious), crappy fatty fast food (Arby's), loud and crowded truck stops (have a new found respect for truck drivers and what they do though), and probably gallons of even crappier gas station coffee.

But there were also amazing breathtaking views. My favorite being the Hill Country in Texas. It was my favorite part of the drive, just so gorgeous! Green rolling hills and valleys for miles and miles around. You would rise up on a large hill then all of a sudden you get to the top and you're greeted with soft hills lining along I-10 and the sky is a big blue bowl with puffed white clouds. I felt like I had transcended into a time when humans did not litter the Earth.

Unfortunately no photos of the Hill Country as I drove this leg of the trip. I mostly got photos towards the end of the trip. New Mexico, Arizona, and some of California. (Drove past the fiery smoking hills of the current wildfires, scary...)

Would I do it again? Absolutely. I think I definitely found a new sense of adventure.


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