October 26, 2009
This is one of my favorite vintage dresses I own, the first time I wore it was on my 23rd birthday (over 3 yrs ago, hehe) and I also had blonde (well blonde-ish) hair.

{What I Wore}
Dress: Vintage 1970s maxi dress
Hair pins: Vintage inspired from Forever21

This dress is definitely showing a bit more wear though. After a recent wash I noticed a couple tiny holes close to the hem. But I guess that has to be expected, after all this dress is over 30 years old.


  1. beautiful dress! i love 70s. i recently purchased a floral dress from 70s too.. you look really cute in updo:)

  2. Such a lovely print and flowy shape.

  3. These are beautiful photos! The dress looks incredible on you!

    Were these photos taken in your home? I just love the white color palette!

  4. You look so deeply beautiful...like a 1930s or 30s tropical Island princess (if that makes sense). Amazing frock, I can see what it's one of your favourites!

    Have a marvelous Wednesday, sweetie!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. What a stunning dress, you look gorgeous

  6. how did i miss this? you're a vision. really nice.

  7. Nice dress shirts still fashionable even thought it from 70's


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