October 4, 2009
Just a quick little post. I discovered this site while searching for "Rationing in the 1940s" and this is one of the sites pulled up by Google.

Youth.net is a website where people can post their stories from World War 2. Lots of great little stories of first hand accounts of what life really was like during the second world war.

Just a few snippets...

"I am afraid I have very little to offer. I did have a short-term
love affair with a German girl, but this was cut short, fortunately, by
my being sent home.

"Once I was given a soldier uniform kit. A helmet and a cardboard
front of a uniform covered in the same material and with the same
insignia, and I had a wooden dagger and a belt to go with it.
I recall saluting a soldier once and he saluted back, and I thought
that I had just become a man to be taken serious.

"So she waited until it was dark, then stole out into the garden; she
tiptoed quietly, squeezed through the neighbor's fence, and stole an onion
from their veggie patch. She snuck back inside, and with great, great
pleasure sliced it - and ate it with the cheese. And a cup of tea.

Ration Samples
Rationing Book in the 40s - Britain
(click image to view full size)

Image source: Mylearning.org


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