November 4, 2009
Oh my goodness, the past couple of days were stressful. Running an online store can be really vexing at times.

Apparently on Nov 1st, AV was hacked. *sigh* It can happen to anyone, but it just disheartens me so much when things like this happens. Anyhow, the past few days I had to delete almost all of my archived files and update every single HTML file on AV (literally HUNDREDS of pages).

Then the shop pages were compromised. Not as easy to deal with as each page is composed of multiple components. So I had to scan through files to find where the code was added to my site and replace all of those too.

Afterwards I had to contact my hosting company and let them know of the problem. Reset all my passwords. Contact Google for site reviews so that the warnings would be removed. And of course scan my computer to make sure I didn't have anything bad on it. AUGHhhhhh.'s all better now! I just got the message from Google that both and are now clean and safe to browse and use. HOORAY!

Thank you so much everyone for the kind comments and encouraging words, I sincerely appreciate them. ^_^


  1. I am so happy you got all that resolved. :D

  2. How horrible for you! Well done for fixing it up. :D


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