December 14, 2009
Oh, be still my heart! These clothes are so absolutely lovely from clothing designer Juliette Hogan. It's a mix of late 30s elegance and 70s bohemian, but with more subdued colors. I'm in love...

The color palette here reminds me a little of Keira Knightley in "Atonement" as Cecilia Talis. The hairstyle is even a little reminiscent of Celia's hairdo.


  1. very natural colors, and pretty!! i love the short dress!! thanks, i going to lern about vintage :)

  2. ohhh!! she's amazing. now would be a great time to have a million bucks so I could buy her stuff!

    xo Jenny

  3. i love her designs so much! thanks for sharing!

  4. That pink dress is amazing!

    One of my favorite movies!

  5. Gorgeous clothing,especially the pink dress & kove the makeup too!

  6. Nice type of dresses but you can also try double breasted suit.


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