January 29, 2010
I'm feeling a bit gleeful today. Perhaps it's because I have finally organized the Adorevintage work closet or perhaps its because on Sunday I am going to a vintage clothing and textile show! *HOORAH!*

I wonder if they will let me bring my camera? I don't see why not. I bet there will be loads of well dressed women all just waiting to get their photo snapped to inspire outfit decisions in the future. *hehe*

Oh, another reason to be happy, in March I start taking pastry and baking classes at Gourmandise Desserts! I am so very excited to learn how to make French macaroons and finaciers and opera cakes (whatever those are)! I've always really enjoyed baking, and now I can take classes with a real life French pastry chef. Oui! Oui!


  1. Do you live in LA? Because I'm going, too!! This potentially could be extremely exciting.

    And I love this outfit, as I love all the others - and your hair looks so beautiful as well.

    R. Coco

  2. Oh, nevermind... I just added you on twitter and saw that you live in Orlando. How funny... well I'm going to one here in LA on the same day :)

  3. !!!! Oh wow! I'm so excited! My e-mail address is on the blog, e-mail me. This is too fortuitous a situation not to coordinate in some fashion :)

  4. So you'll absolutely have to show us your dessert's pics :-)
    Have a nice vintage-weekend!

  5. you absolutely MUST keep posting pics of you in your outfits. you look so effortlessly gorgeous! enjoy your Baking classes. I'm a cook and NOT a baker, don't like following recipes ; ) and rather envy those with baking skills.

  6. what about the shoes, honey??! an outfit post is incomplete with them shoes. tsk tsk :P

    love your playlist. and have fun with baking class. i really should make that a 'resolution' for twenty-ten. the resolution is to try something totally new.


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