March 2, 2010
A gorgeous 1940s inspired fashion editorial spread featuring Milla Jovovich and Sasha Pivovarova from Vogue Italia (July 2009). Milla's hair looks amazing in the solo B&W photo, goodness she is stunning!

{ click images to view full version }
MillaSasha-VogueItalia MillaSasha-VogueItalia1 MillaSasha-VogueItalia4 MillaSasha-VogueItalia3 MillaSasha-VogueItalia5 MillaSasha-VogueItalia6 MillaSasha-VogueItalia2 MillaSasha-VogueItalia7

Sources: Original magazine scans from


  1. I want to wear everything! Oh how I love the 40s :)

  2. oh my! these are stunning! such wonderful inspiration

  3. Ooh, I hadn't seen this one before. Gorgeous.

  4. stunning stunning layout!! love the 40's!! Milla looks FAB!


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