April 5, 2010
Well, it's not very vintage related I know, however one of my monthly goals (all right, it was March's goal) was to purchase a video camera, and so I have at last!

I spent most of Saturday evening splicing clips together and adding the soundtrack. I've never created a video in my life, so sorry it's a bit shoddy. The quality isn't the greatest, I think I compressed it too much. But, I hope you enjoy!

Also, for those who have made videos on Youtube, any advice? I am so very excited to start making little films about vintage and even to get my toes wet with a new creative medium, but my thoughts and ideas are really too scattered. Thoughts? Ideas? Advice?

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  1. Some advice for you then!:
    Try not to compresse it too much. If you may, then it's better to change the format of the video. Some formats allow you to have good quality even been 'lighter'.
    Check out all the options on your new camera, sometimes that's the better way to find something interesting!
    If you're using movie maker -it's not bad, but there are better ones- try using another program, like sony vega.

    Your fist video turn out really well!


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