April 10, 2010

This vintage prom dress is gorgeous! Can you imagine wearing all of those precious blue ruffles? I would have to hire someone to walk in front of me all evening carrying a sign "Make way! Make way for the dress!"

I actually really love the pale pink dress the model on the right is wearing. I would wear that on a daily basis though, just to grab lunch with a friend or date night with the hubby.

Do you spot the prices? It seems quite cheap at first, but if you refer back to my { Prices of Vintage Clothing if Bought Today } post, you'll notice these vintage prom dresses were actually quite pricey even back then.

Image credit: Flickr


  1. What a dress!

    And to think, just a few years later, around the time when my mom graduated high school, prom dress fashions had changed so much (they all wore mini-dresses!).


  2. These guys and gals look way too old to be going to a prom don't they? It's a great advert! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow! That is a standout dress if I ever saw one

  4. I like the boy suits that they wear and they are perfect couples.


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