May 10, 2010
I love the clean lines of Mid-Century furniture and the dark wood grains. I think when it comes to interior design I'm caught between the 1950s modern house and the 19th Century French countryside ch√Ęteau where everything is in varying shades of cream, eggshell, and antique white. I couldn't picture our house being decked out in so much mid-century furniture and decor as the one pictured here, but there are many enviable elements. The painted portraits (I love those but can never bring myself to buy one...), that beautiful credrenza, and the yellow Herman Miller-esque rocking chair.

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  1. Couldn't love it more! Clean lines and so much to enjoy.

  2. that is so good looking, I love the pictures and the huge window and how small all the furniture looks.

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  4. I love mid-century furniture AND am obsessed with everything and anything french! I'm definitely modern with eclectic touches.

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