June 5, 2010
There is something about a woman who has very short hair that makes me look twice. I feel like they are braver than me, more confident, more comfortable with who they are. I've been toying with the idea of cropping my hair pixie length for over a month now, so here's hoping these vintage pixie haircuts (and modern cropped hairstyles) will inspire me to chop off all my locks!

{ Vintage Hairstyles }

My main source of hair inspiration, Audrey Hepburn.

Jean Seberg

Mia Farrow


Edie Sedgwick

{ Modern Pixie Cuts }

Christy Turlington as Jean Seberg

From the Sartorialist? Or Garance Dore? *shrug*

Michelle Williams

Mia Wasikowska

Shannyn Sossamon & Carey Mulligan

Michelle Williams & Natalie Portman


  1. I want a pixie cut so much, I wish I was brave enough!! Beautiful pictures!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. what beautiful girls, I once cut my hair short very short "like a boy" is what I used to call it, but it didn't flatter my face because I have a round, fat cheeked face, when my hair finally grew people wondered if I had lost weight, but it was just the hair, I guess for some girls like the ones above it looks great, but for others not very recommendable. I love coming to your site, sometimes just to listen to the amazing music. =)

  3. oh wow just too gorgeous for words...

  4. years ago i took that exact Shannyn Sossamon photo in and got the exact haircut. i never loved a haircut more than that one, nor every got as many compliments. it's a super fantastic.
    i still have the same photo i bought it in with me in case i ever want to get the cut again, liked it that much!

  5. I just saw a picture of Michelle Williams the other day with her then pixie hair and thought how wonderful it looked on her. It's a beautiful cut overall but alas it does'nt suit everyone :)

  6. I've never been brave enough to have a pixie cut either, but you're right there is something very individual about the women who do! I have always adored Audrey's pixie cut, as well as Edie and Michelle Williams' cuts too! Go for it is all I can say, it will grow back anyway! Love your blog!!


  7. old style but I like the way you dress.

    Laby[wedding suit]


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