August 8, 2010 | Aron L
Is it odd that I would wear nearly everything he wears? A quick look at his profile and you'll instantly be smitten, I promise! | Parisian Style
I've recently stocked up on black trousers, I think I own 5 pairs now, and still on the hunt for that PERFECT pair such as these (from ZARA). I would wear this outfit in a heartbeat (and have worn outfits very similar to it, same color scheme, white vintage blouse, woven vintage belt...) but haven't tried rolling the cuffs of my trousers yet! A must do! | Bobby Raffin
Grey trousers paired with the cream striped sweater topped with suspenders... Yes, it's love at first sight. | Two Hours in Venice
I need a black maxi dress like yesterday. | Lisa Mettier
Another current trend I'm loving...printed pants! It's a little like wearing pajama bottoms, don't you think? Nothing better than when fashion is also ultra comfortable. | Nigel Lew
This week I've obviously been inspired by men's style, can't you tell? I love his vintage bowtie and that classic trench. Men in trench coats, or women in trench coats... love love.


  1. Yes I NEED a black maxi...this summer and it's

  2. Ive been trying to find a white shirt for so long but half of them are too thin and dirty looking or more of an office shirt I really need one : / Great looks x

  3. very inspiring, love the first one especially!

  4. I like all the guy outfits for women, too. The one in the upper left is especially adorable.

  5. So amazing, really love those styles!! Really inspiring, the first one is so great!!


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