August 4, 2010

Very obsessed with cropped tops, especialy more blouson/square shaped blouses with more geometric details. Paired with slim fit trousers with pleat details, tucked in or out. So chic!

I'm also obsessing over lace up boots. At the flea market over the weekend I spotted a few I liked, one I LOVED and very stupidly decided to quench my thirst first BEFORE buying the boots, and upon my return... the lovely boots were gone!

And of course, in the same theme as my last Obsession du Jour with all things nature inspired, I am keen on finding deer antlers to display above my desk, particularly one mounted on a plaque and hopefully one that looks a bit fake as I really don't want to be reminded a living creature was killed and its remains now hang as decor on my walls. Again, found a perfect set at the flea market, however there was just a few remnants of fur on them and it really sickened me. Perhaps I'll go the alternate route and get the cardboard antlers... I'd also like a few deer figurines, spotted ones. Maybe to display on my dresser, trotting off towards my stack of fairy tale books...


  1. I know what you mean :) I'm currently loving the cropped blouse and lace up boots trend! It's so lovely :D

  2. I love that type of boots ;) cool
    Nice taste

  3. Great picks here. I really think I love everything!

  4. i remember thinking that i'd never be wearing lace up boots again :)
    but i'm dying to know the brand of the black handbag!

  5. aww, just really lovely stuff.

  6. Agreed on the square cropped tops!

    Would you mind telling me where I can find those adorable floral flats?


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