September 10, 2010
There's a new trend on Polyvore that I've sort of obsessed with. Can I make paper doll into a verb please? "Paper-dolling" is splicing, cutting, trimming, and pasting different images to create a look on Polyvore.

This brings back so many fond memories of drawing my own paper dolls and designing them little outfits as well as cutting and pasting inspiration collages. There are HUNDREDS of these darling "dolls" on Polyvore, so check the links below for more!

The Marbled Godwit

Cupid's Chokehold

steampunk garden

Which road?
Sources: 1.] Hard by calvinivana, 2.] The Marbled Godwit by sugarcrash, 3.] Cupid's Chokehold by DubiousDamsel, 4.] steampunk garden by Tabitha Sue, 5.] Which road? by -Silvia-
More Paper Doll groups: Welcome to the Dollhouse, Paper Doll Lovers, Doll Factory


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