September 1, 2010
"I feel much older than that. I feel as though I had lived a long, long time. That is because I have suffered so much, and suffering makes you feel old inside, just as happiness makes you feel young even when your hair is white." - Clara Bow (age 22) - February 1928

The "It Girl" Clara Bow Clara Bow & Buddy Rogers Clara Bow Clara Bow in a publicity shot for Paramount, 1931 Jean Arthur, Clara Bow Jean Harlow and unknown actress by Eugene Robert Richee 6000-0031 6004-0022 6000-0083

Are her outfits not amazing? I would wear every single ensemble in these photos! I love all the collars most especially! And the bow details, the lace, the pretty grid design on that one dress... I adore the fit of the clothes as well, form fitting in all the right places, loose and romantic in the other.

For a lovely article on Clara Bow, read "My Life Story" as told to Adela Rogers St. Johns for PHOTOPLAY Magazine in 1928.


  1. the hats are what stole my heart!


  2. Great choice for a post! Beautiful pics of Clara.

  3. Awesome clothes, so beautiful. I would wear them all!

  4. The 20'&30's are my favourite era.
    Brilliant post as always.

  5. I would love each and every single outfit myself as well :) I also love how she has this broken doll kind of look.

  6. great post!!

  7. She has a beautiful face.


  8. **Swoon** That first photo is perfection. Lovely post!!

    xxo Kelly
    Glamourous Spirit
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  9. I think I know now who to go as for Halloween. Thanks!

  10. Hello and thanks for featuring my Flickr photo of Clara Bow (on the bed, wearing lingerie)!

    I decided to follow the link here and I am very glad I did - I simply love your blog and I look forward going through all of it - there are treasures to be found on every page!

    Last but not least, thanks for the link to Clara's story - it was profoundly moving and I will never look upon her quite the same way again.

  11. I like the male suit wearing of the guy,thanks for posting.


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