September 19, 2010
Vintage Vogue 1955 Vintage Pendleton Advertisement Vintage Vogue Editorial Vintage Vogue Editorial Vintage 1950s Coats Advertisement Saks Fifth Avenue Ad Vintage Fur Fox Stole

The September 1955 issue of Vogue is filled with advertisement for luxury coats most notably fur coats. I never realized how prevalent fur was in the 1950s!

Dating Vintage Tip: Browsing vintage advertisements is a fantastic way of dating vintage especially if you know the source of the advertisement! For instance, these vintage coat ads were all featured in 1955, therefore you can gather that coats of similar shape and style were probably popular the year before and the year after. And if the ad/editorial is in VOGUE you can pretty much guarantee similar styles made of less luxurious materials were common several years after. (Remember, Vogue was one of the pioneers of forward thinking fashion... therefore it took awhile for the styles to trickle down to the masses...)


  1. Love the 50s. I actually wore an original 1950s polka dot dress yesterday and did my make up and hair as well. I put some pictures on my blog just for fun.
    Unfortunately as I have hooded eyes I can't do the classic 50s winged eyeliner but I do my best with what I've got. :)
    Honestly yours is my favourite blog about vintage never disappoint with your posts. XXX

  2. Love the yellow hat in the 5th Picture. :) Great Post! xx, Alice from bells and whistles

  3. Those are some nails in the first pic! Love the turban style hat, Carrie Bradshaw would drool over that (hmmm not a great mental image, that one) x

  4. Crafty Baker - I was thinking the exact same thing! How did she ever do anything with nails like those! A brilliant selection of pictures as always - I love vintage ads. I have a whole bunch I've collected and one day WILL frame them and hang them in my huge walk-in wardrobe...maybe I should keep dreaming about that one??!! xx

  5. I have that issue of Vogue, isn't it delightful?! I love that Chanel photo, so beautiful!

  6. blog is absolutely fantastic! Amazing pictures!
    Hugs and kisses


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