November 13, 2010
vintagechildrensbook vintagechildrensbook_1

I simply adore vintage children's book illustrations! Some of the color combinations and mix of patterns are so inspiring for fashion. I particularly loved the colors in the top two illustrations and I love the Renaissance feel the "Swan Lake" illustrations have on the bottom.

Image credits: 1.} Every Child's Story book, 1959 scanned by Corduroy Cat, 2.} John Gee by Shelece, 3.} & 4.} "Swan Lake", Prague 1970 illustrated by Ludmila Jiřincová scanned in by josefskrhola


  1. I love old children's books. I try to copy how they look in my own art.

  2. I completely adore children's illustrations too, being a big fan of Arthur Rackham. They really given an insight into the ideals and dreams of an age.

    You may like this very 1930s illustration from The Big Christmas Wonder Book (which I hope to be writing on soon)


  3. I love children's vintage books!

  4. yup we get allot of our print inspiration for Misha Lulu from vintage kids books!

  5. oh they are beautiful, sort of nostalgic in an unfamiliar way. make me want to tie ribbons in my hair and watch old kids tv! haha


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