November 1, 2010
I absolutely love homes that are bright, clean, white, and a bit sparse. These homes are beyond gorgeous and I dream someday to live in quarters as lovely!

whiteouthomes-2 whiteouthomes-3 whiteouthomes-1 whiteouthomes-7whiteouthomes whiteouthomes-5 whiteouthomes-6


  1. I want a house like those T_T
    nice post

  2. High ceilings and white walls; definite beauty. If it had yellow lights to provide warmth, and a fireplace like that photo up there- I'm moving!

    ♥ un peu de tout

  3. All of them are completely beautiful. That first room is insane!x

  4. that cavy looking home is my kind of home..that and a cute cottage home!

  5. Can I just say, that the use of the white here is very tasteful. A touch of minimalism could be felt. The slight accents from the furnishings really compliment each other, bringing our a relaxing feel, that isn't dulling to the eyes.


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