April 13, 2011



Here is a preview of the vintage wedding dresses that will be available in the shop soon. They are perfect dress choices for casual or whimsical weddings. The long dresses I can imagine being photographed at a flowery field for a bohemian wedding and the full strapless lace dress would be so adorable at a rustic wedding paired with a floral wreath or small veil.


  1. Pretty, pretty! That last one is my dream dress :)

    xo, Bruklyn

  2. oh, my friend who is getting married in Aug was looking for a dress exactly like that last one. Must find out if she's already got her wedding frock picked out!

  3. i love love love that last dress! when i get married (i swear the bf as to propose eventually) i want to wear a vintage dress. now i know just where to shop for it!

  4. omg, that last one is amazing! i just love vintage wedding dresses. i need to get engaged asap!!!

  5. The texture of the dress is very thin do you have any clothing?

    Laby[mens dress shirt]

  6. Those are some very lovely Formal Dresses. At least to me I see them as formal, then again with the girls I dated most of them saw trying to look nice as tossing on a sweater and jeans.


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