June 14, 2011
I was never one of those brave kids that could just dive into a pool. I always had to stick a foot in, test the waters, let my feet get used to the temperature, then I'd wade in up to my knees, begin the temperature regulation process again... but a couple weeks ago I surprised myself by diving right into a pool. A small little victory, but worth noting.

It's my last days in our current apartment, nearly everything is packed away, tomorrow is the first move date and the day after everything for the new AV studio is getting transported to the new location. I'm nervous and excited. It's odd that I'm moving less than a mile away but yet it feels like a giant leap in life. People, places, things are always changing. Change is a good thing, it means we're living.

All image sources via Adorevintage Pinterest

Deep breaths. Finalizing the packing up this evening. Tomorrow getting the keys! Thursday, moving truck!


  1. Oh, I love the foggy blues in some of these photos. The second one with the swimmers - it seems like they're melting into the water.

    I also thank you for posting that quote. It's something I need to read these days, as I'm going through a period of uncertainty and change.

  2. leap, and the net will appear!

    great little collection here.

    amateur couture

  3. I ADORE your blog! Such lovely and inspiring things. Great collection.

    Cheers! -Julie

  4. I am loving the quote..truly inspirational


  5. Wow 2 inspirational quotes! The one about change really hit home because I've made a huge change in my life recently.

    They both are really true - wonderful photos also as always!

  6. oh wow! your moving, after that beautiful apartment tour?! can't wait to see your new place if you share any sneak peeks ;)


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