September 11, 2011
Vintage Outfit, Vintage Style Vintage Outfit, Vintage Style

The past few days have been a whirlwind! In a good way of course. On Friday I did a little antique shopping and treated myself to a pair of rhinestone and sapphire blue stud earrings ($10!). I wore them with a 1930s marigold gown I wore that evening. Marigold and sapphire look really good together, I must say. I did eye another pair of lovely dangly earrings in which the sweet lady behind the counter said "You've got excellent taste" with a little chuckle and proceeded to show me the most lovely pair of Miriam Haskell vintage a mere price of $428. Le sigh. Sadly, my budget was closer to the $20 or less range...

Vintage Outfit, Vintage Style Vintage Outfit, Vintage Style

Vintage Outfit, Vintage Style Vintage Outfit, Vintage Style

Outfit Details:
Blouse: Vintage
Cardigan: Secondhand from Buffalo Exchange
Pants: Vintage from SLOW Vintage
Shoes: Beverly Feldman
Bag: Vintage from Adorevintage
Brooch: Vintage

You know, I have to say, I really appreciated this woman's attitude. Sometimes if I am a bit taken aback by how expensive something is a seller gets a little insulted. But if I'm taken aback it's not because I think you're overcharging, it's mostly because I'm trying to calculate inside my head how much work I need to do to afford said earrings and realizing I simply just cannot afford it at this time. Her reaction was a simple smile and a "Well, you'll look lovely in the sapphire earrings especially with it against your dark hair." I wanted to hug her. She was so sweet and genuine. I'll definitely be going back to the shop! I so wish I could remember the name, I had just wandered in randomly. I'll find it again and will share with you name and location of said antique shop!

Headed off to the Rose Bowl today, so hopefully I find some treasures! I had a small shoot yesterday so it was nice to get a bit of cash to bring to the flea market and not to mention it gives me a strict budget since I refuse to withdraw money and just have cash sitting idly in my wallet (I WILL spend it and won't realize how and when and where...) For revoir!


  1. I absolutely love your outfit! The pants are amazing.


  2. cute pants *_* I love polka dots!!!
    and your lips looks lovely with that color.

  3. Ooohh this is an absolutely stunning look - I am completely in love with the combination of the tied blouse and patterned pants!

    Isn't it such a lovely surprise when you find a saleperson who is truly nice? <3

  4. Love the outfit! You look absolutely lovely <3<3
    xo Vanessa

  5. I love this outfit! Adorable!


  6. nice dress...whole get up it beautiful and perfect for vintage era...specially that polka dot trouser

    see here cocktail dresses

  7. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that outfit! It's so cute!!! Fun blog...just found it!

  8. you look lovely!!! this outfit is amazingly classic and adorable! i love it! love each and every piece and I love your hair!

    <3 Vega

  9. very classic look, you look great!

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  11. Your outfit is amazing! I love that you pegged the leg! So cute! I love beaded bags!

  12. You are so stunning :)

    Love your blog bc I too am an absolute vintage fanatic.

    Amazing look! Following you!



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