October 11, 2011
This past weekend while hunting for antique treasures around Southern California, I got to visit Oak Glen which is nestled up in apple orchard covered hills and has lots of nostalgic little shops and cute little booths. Some of it was kind of cheesy, but I like those sort of things. Unfortunately apple picking was closed because of a freeze and there weren't enough apples... but being around all that cider, apple pie, cinnamon dusted pastries... Autumn was in the air. Later that evening I attended a friend's wedding at a ranch and everything was just so lovely. I do love weddings so much, so here is an inspiration wedding post particularly all about Fall and Autumn weddings!

Barn wedding in Oregon // source

Onota Lake Wedding // source

Autumn bride inspiration // source

Autumn inspired wedding aisle // source

Autumn florals for a wedding // source

Autumn wedding table inspiration // source

Rustic autumn wedding // source

A most magical forest for an Autumn wedding // source

Autumn wedding cake inspiration // source

Autumn barn wedding tables and florals // source


  1. oh my gosh the first one is soooo beautiful!

    Sophie ox

  2. So beautiful, absolutely stunning images. These have brightened up my day

  3. the images marked Autumn bride inspiration are A-mazing. the scenery backdrop! love it

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  5. it gonna be amazing if there will be a vintage wedding...

  6. These kind of post is always inspiring! I find so many gorgeous and lovely setting! I'll surely say that this ideas will indeed make a fabulous reception on a wedding!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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