October 28, 2011
I am in almost disbelief that October is coming to a close and November is upon us and pretty soon the arrival of a New Year. I won't get too mushy-gushy overly emotional on you ladies and gents (if the latter does read this), but I feel like I've been holding on to something so long and just a small part of me wants to kind of let some of it go.

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So, this year has had its series of ups and downs to say the least. I never thought I'd ever join the ranks of divorcees, but yeah... I'm pretty private when it comes to my personal life and I tend to always post about happy, fluffy things on my blog...which is how I think it should be, this blog isn't meant to be a place for me to vent, but rather a place for others who are crazy about vintage like me to gather inspiration and knowledge.

Anyhow, I've tried to keep the peace as much as possible. So... there you have it. I'm 28, a divorcee, and going through a huge transition phase in my life. *le sigh*

10 Vintage Inspirations Blog 10 Vintage Inspirations Blog 10 Vintage Inspirations Blog 10 Vintage Inspirations Blog 10 Vintage Inspirations Blog 10 Vintage Inspirations Blog 10 Vintage Inspirations Blog 10 Vintage Inspirations Blog

I find it a bit ironic that many of my inspirations are kind of vintage wedding inspired... I just love pretty, flowery, happy things. And aren't weddings all of the above? And after all, despite everything, I still believe in Happily Ever Afters.

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  1. all the pictures are great but the second is amazing
    I love this post

  2. Oh, love! I haven't been reading you very long but I had you on my follow list because you have such an excellent, inspirational blog.

    I tend to be teh same way, very private about my personal life. Because, well, if I wasn't it would be mine and it wouldn't be personal. I don't want to have an 'online diary...' but if we have to be so fake with everyone, why even bother having a blog? How can you connect with people without hanging your dirty laundry, so to speak? I am still answering t hese questions...

    Whatever your circumstances and your history this past year, I am genuinely sorry for the pain you've had to endure. It is hard to experience transition like that... I can't even imagine it, much less imagine being mature enough to get married. Haha.

    Welllll sorry this is a ridiculously long comment from someone you don't know. At all. But hopefully soon perhaps I can be a sponsor on your sidebar. :) OH, yes, and you are in my prayers...

    Love and kudos,

  3. oh so sorry to hear this - hope you fly through this transition and difficult time with strength and smiles!!!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that, but knowing a few people our age who are/have gone through the same thing, I know that this is the time to do it. You're still young yet, and have a big chunk of life ahead of you. Plus now you have more wisdom and are more your own person... things will look up, and I have a feeling your career will ramp itself up.. seems like that's how these things go...

    In any event, you clearly have a lot of talent and passion and that will be rewarded in many ways in your life.. keep your head up!


  5. Rodelle...I was married at at 22 and divorce at 26!! But I was blessed with the most amazing son ever... Now it's been five years later and I haven't been this happy. Time will heal.. It took me a long time but with all the love and support I had kept my spirits up. Your young and beautiful and successful there are many fishes in the sea.... Keep what Ur doing and life life with no regrets just all a learning expirence. Take care and I wish u thebest. On a brighter note...I been a fan of yours since 2004 but always been shy to Post anything cause I am on the hefty side;)

  6. Thinking of you through this hard time....the only way we can look at times such as these is to think that we'll come out of them a stronger, though different, person. I love the fact you've not lost your belief in love and romance, its a sad thing to lose that piece of your heart that breaks off, some of us find it hard to get it back. Seems like there's so much ahead for you, I love your website, love your blog, feel like I'm looking at another version of myself! Love your passion and Adore Vintage is going from strength to strength. Keep up the wonderful work, future...here you come! Love, Angela xxx

  7. My sweet Rodelle,
    Through your blog and conversations you seem to radiate a kind spirit!
    I just know in my heart that in due time, you will overcome this hurdle and your spirits will once again become uplifted :)
    By the way! I'm sure you heard of the most important rule when going through a divorce / or equally transitional time in life... 'Keep busy and don't look back"
    Your blog is amazing and nevertheless it's your special place to express yourself :)

    Best Wishes!

    Mod Human Vintage

  8. oh, no!! i can't believe i'm just now seeing this... i'm so sorry, love. sending happy thoughts and lots of hugs your way! and thank you for sharing with us - we love you! XOXO

  9. I'm so sorry Rodellee, if you ever need a friend to talk to I am always here for you no matter what. Good things will happen to you & I am sending hugs & smiles towards your way to help you power through this transition in your life. love you!

  10. I'm so sorry to hear that! I have been reading your blog for years now, but have never commented ... a bit shy. I feel so lucky to have been inspired by you for so long, and so grateful that you have a blog. I'm glad you shared this - I know everyone who reads you will understand and sympathise.

  11. I think that there is something super important about curating a space for beauty even and especially when you're going through difficult times. Thank you for the beauty you bring to my life and i'm wishing you all the best in your transition.


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