February 28, 2012
A couple weeks ago mon chou and I went to a flea market as we do on most Sundays. On this particular Sunday the vintage finds were pretty slim, but I did pick up a couple vintage sewing notions that I thought were really sweet. And surprisingly it is much more cost effective to purchase vintage sewing supplies than it is to purchase them brand new.

I got everything for about $5, not bad eh? I love the needle book especially and the little pincushion which is infused with lavender. You can't really smell the lavender anymore as it's an old pincushion, but I adore the sentiment. I wonder about the little lady that crafted this pincushion... that's a lot of thought and love going into it to add lavender inside, don't you think?


  1. such sweet little finds you found... and what a deal they were!


  2. Sometimes the littlest finds are the sweetest and these are just that!

  3. Thank you for following me. I will definitely follow your blog too, I am already a fan of your Etsy-shop. I am looking at your beautiful clothes all the time,


    1. Thank you! I just added your blog to list of blogs to follow. I adore it!

  4. The needlebook is lovely!

    Catherine, XO.


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