September 7, 2012
This week the vintage shop has been updated with vintage dresses in hues of purples, indigos, blues, and dusty rose. And I did sneak in a peach colored dress in there, peach IS one of my favorite colors, I couldn't help it!

The online shop is really coming along nicely. It's been a lot of tears, cheers, and hair pulling getting this site up and it will always be a work in progress, but I am really very proud of what I have accomplished with the new vintage online store.

vintage 1970s tan floral boho dress vintage 1960s pink blush wiggle dress

vintage 1970s tiered peach sundress vintage 1950s blue eyelet dress with peach trim

vintage 1930s brass charm necklace vintage 1970s berry print sundress

vintage 1950s chevron striped dress

vintage 1970s purple disco dress vintage 1950s Mad Men party dress

vintage 1940s silk Japanse kimono robe vintage 1920s art deco blue necklace


  1. I LOVE that purple blue poofy party dress!!!!

  2. Lovely. That pink dress at the top is so sweet!

  3. Great shop update!I am especially wanting the silk Japanese kimono robe, the tan floral boho dress, and the mad men party dress. I love that your shop features items from such different eras :)

  4. Oh my! I love them all! Especially the strapless striped dress. Swoon! Reminds me of something Betty Draper would wear.


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