October 10, 2012
The weather has recently been taking a dip into the 60s in the mornings and I got a bit overexcited for Autumn in choosing today's outfit for work that by midday I was just down to the dress and the temperature had risen to the 80s.

Vintage Inspired Outfit Post, Adoredvintage Clothing Blog Vintage Inspired Outfit Post, Adoredvintage Clothing Blog

Ahh well... at least for a little while I got to look like it was Autumn. This vintage polka dot dress is borrowed from my vintage shop and because it's a few sizes too big, I wore my trusty lightweight trench coat with it. I do that a lot with clothes that are too big for me...just throw on a small jacket over it.

I cannot believe tomorrow is already Thursday! Isn't that crazy, I feel like the week JUST started. Time is just flying by!


  1. The trench idea to make the oversized dresses look more fit is genius!

  2. Your dress is gorgeous! I love the polka dots, and it's the perfect mix of colours for Autumn :)

    louisejoyb x

  3. Im very into hats right now for this fall season. You look so adorable :)!!!


  4. Great polka dot dress! I especially love the trench over it.

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