November 2, 2012
I had to catch my breath when I saw this vintage gown designed by Italian designer Fernando Sarmi when he was head designer for Elizabeth Arden in the 1950s.

I mean come on, isn't it just the most exquisite gown you ever did see? The skirt looks like a blanket of stars and clouds that runneth over!

A snippet from a 1965 article entitled "Bugles, Bangles, & All Woman"

"In Italy," says Count Ferdinando Sarmi, "when the oldest son tells his father he wants to be a dress designer, it's like a woman saying she intends to be a prostitute." Sarmi's own father responded by packing his son off to the university in Siena. The result was to make Sarmi, some 30 years later, the only Seventh Avenue designer who holds a doctor of law degree.

src: met museum & the fashion spot


  1. This dress is beautiful, the skirt especially. Love the snippet!

  2. love love love this dress. It just now became my dream weddingdress

  3. this dress is stunning oh my god, i want this for my prom

  4. That's the most beautiful wedding dress I've ever seen! Going to have one made for my wedding for sure! Thank you for the inspiration! :)

  5. This dress... I'm fall in love! :)


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