May 4, 2013
It has been one crazy busy year so far (can't believe it's MAY already!). I really did have intentions to do a once a month recap of the month before via Instagram, but well, other things have taken precedence. I post new happenings on instagram, so if you feel so inclined to follow my daily adventures as a vintage shopkeeper you can find me @adoredvintage.

Adoredvintage Instagram

I also post a lot of previews of what will be arriving in the vintage shop. Oh and occasion I post a fruit tart. I average one fruit tart photo a month. Sad. LOL. Or is it?


  1. okay, definitely following you on instagram too! i'll take any chance i can to get a fix of lovely vintage or just generally nice photos :)

    also, how did it to may already? crazy, right?

  2. These retro clothing are so adorable. They are so perfect for spring or fall.


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