June 13, 2013

Since my arrival back from the City of Roses, I have been craving more flowers in my life. As if that's really possible! But tis is! I designed a different version of business cards for the Summer. I'm rather pleased with how they turned out. I was dining at Edgefield and one of the restaurants had this gigantic gorgeous floral wreath with ribbons taller than myself! I remember it was golden with touches of pink and some dusty blue...I was smitten! At first I thought of recreating the imagery on the studio windows, but well, I haven't time for that at the moment.

Also during my trip I had come across a rather lovely small collection of vintage portraits. I didn't know who the gals were and I ended up buying them all up, but much to my sadness, they were misplaced somewhere and they did not come home to California with me. *le sigh* But, I was determined to find a photo of a young woman who embodied that same wistful look as the young lady who will be gracing our new "Thank You" cards.

Next, I was inspired by Lauren from Dear Golden to get more racks in my studio! So this morning I purchased 6 new clothing racks for the shop and plunked down a tiny investment for more wooden hangers. To stay within this month's "studio improvements" budget, I purchased the very economical MULIG clothing racks from Ikea.

The balance between getting the studio functional and also an inspirational space to work in is always going to be a welcome challenge.

I love that the Adored Vintage studio is an ongoing process and will always be in a state of progress. I don't think it will ever be "finished" or be exactly as I want it. Every month I look forward to adding new things in the studio. I'm still on a hunt for the perfect Art Deco era wardrobe, the "perfect" antiqued mirror, and a large rug for the main showroom.

And in about 3 months I'll tire of it all and will want to switch it up again. The images below is sort of the feel I want in the studio. Kind of lived in, homey. Like you're just walking into my dwelling space and it's full of awesome rad vintage clothes! The last two pictures from Fine Little Day is what convinced me to go with the MULIG clothing racks from Ikea. Cost effective, clean lines, and completely functional.

Now, I will say their weight capacity is not a whole lot, but if you're like me and don't want to pack your racks with tons of hangers, these will work for your space too. My more industrial racks will be used in the stock room now. Hooray organization!


  1. I like vintage collection. This is really so nice. I am very interested on about vintage collection. And it's really so nice.
    see you monday


  2. Love the new business cards - what a gorgeous picture!


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