December 28, 2013
We all know that vintage fashion is our first love, but if we could choose to have a second love it would definitely be vintage beauty! Seeing how products and their advertisements have evolved to what they are today is just so fascinating! We've compiled some charming vintage hair and make-up advertisements for you gals. The Love's Baby Soft one is just too much (and maybe a bit controversial!)

Vintage Veronica Lake Soap Advertisement | source


  1. The Maybelline mascara ad is quintessential - big red pointy nails, huge smile, circular earrings. Deluxe.

    What's up with the hair tape??? Didn't realize that was a "thing".

    1. HAHA! I know! I can't even imagine hair tape being comfortable to peel off your hair after your curls have set!

  2. Some of these are...weird?! And the 'innocence is sexy' one is just paedophilic?!

    I do like the Veronica Lake one though, pretty enough to frame.

    p x

  3. We totally agree about the "innocence is sexy" ad! Kinda creepy!


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