May 9, 2014

It has been a good long time since I have sat down to really pen down my thoughts and share them. I've journaled on and off for 20 some odd years and it is always a trip to go back and read through my old journal entries. Lately I've been journaling more about the future and what that is shaping up to be, or rather how I will shape it. 

I am a true believer that for the most part you are where you are because of the decisions you make. A few years ago I didn't think I would have a large office for Adored Vintage and then own another shop and then possibly opening up a 3rd store. And I'm not sure if you know this, but 85% of all of this is still run all by just myself. 

When God created me, He must have put the energy and drive of 100 bulls inside me or something! LOL! 

I am noticing through looking back on the past years how I've changed in small little ways, like how I'm less of a control freak (sorta, kinda sorta). The biggest change I've noticed though is the decision to be happy and to always find happiness in the little things. And to simplify. And to connect with people on a deeper level. And to cut out the bullshitters. And to be authentic. 

It is incredibly freeing when you decide that most people's opinions really don't matter. And if you just keep on keeping on you'll get to where you want to be. 

Through the past few years I've been incredibly fortunate to come across some amazing men and women who have in such a short span of time shaped and sharpened my character today. Not that there isn't room for improvement, (there's always room for that!), but these kindred folks saw my potential and helped guide me to embrace and nurture who it was I could become.

Ok, sorry this is getting all cheese ball on you, but the past week or so I have been spending some quality time with solid people in my life who have been sharing some really wise pieces of nuggets with me. And also running 2 shops. 

I accept I am always busy and that I choose to be busy. Life is a living process and I'm happy to have a part in it.  


  1. nice to hear! hey rodellee, any bits of advice to someone dreaming of opening a shop? when i read more and more info about the businessy- business of it it makes me really stressed and overwhelmed. thx :)


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