May 13, 2014

There is something about Frida Kahlo's style that I love and appreciate. I loved that she chose to wear more traditional Mexican clothing. Although, for a brief time she did wear clothing "of the times" but then shunned modern fashion ideals and just decided to be herself and do her own thing, yeah girl!

In 1939 she graced the cover of French Vogue, but photos of her had already appeared in American Vogue a couple years earlier. Frida Kahlo's style is composed of traditional Mexican clothing such as embroidered blouses, full length skirts with flounced hems, and shawls or serapes. 

These are some of our favorite Frida Kahlo looks, especially the all white cotton ensemble with the short puffed sleeves and the apron style front. Her jewelry always had a native tribal look to them focusing on etched wood beads and silver accents.

One of the most iconic symbols of Frida Kahlo fashion (besides those brows!) are flowers in her hair which are often depicted if not always depicted in all of her self portraits.


all images sourced from pinterest and gathered into our vintage women board |