May 4, 2009
Hi everyone! This weekend was really crazy hectic, actually the past couple weeks have been, sorry for the slow updates (in the blog and the shop) But luckily, this week should be a little less hectic (cross fingers) so I'll have time to add lots of cute new vintage in the shop!

Here's a few new vintage pieces for you...

SHOP LINK: Check out the cute new vintage tops in the Shop!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo... be sure to FOLLOW US ON TWITTER to get the code word for a special Cinco de Mayo discount!!!


  1. Rodellee what happened to the celeb lookbooks/image galleries? The new layout is beautiful but I'm having a hard time navigating it. I LOVED the Penelope Tree gallery and I want to see more celeb galleries! Help!

  2. Hello! Oh it's still there, there just aren't very many photos since we are redoing it all. You can still see it here...


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