May 3, 2009
Some more vintage inspirations for you...

Miss Mary Virginia Yellott and Miss Mary Carolyn Henry walking their ducks in Washington, D.C. Taken between 1925-32

June Vogue cover. Wow this outfit is so fabulous, no? The blue and green plaid 50s dress, the straw brim hat, and those deep red lips with matching nails... what glamour! Can't you see Dita Von Teese wearing this entire ensemble?

Oh goodness, I love this whole outfit! I'm such a sucker for librarian inspired looks. This woman (photograph is from the 1930s) really knew how to pair clothing together, didn't she? The high waisted skirt, the cardigan (or is it cape?) This is a lovely article of clothing... the collar looks beautiful!

Ooo cheeky and cute! Look at her little summer outfit! And again another wonderful straw hat. Photo from the 1940s.


  1. The first photo reminds me of a photo from the 30's at the local YMCA. I love it so much I took a picture of the picture!

    And you just know the girl in the last photo would've had a fashion blog if such a thing had existed back then...

  2. You are so right Tamia! She totally would have (and I would have been a fan, LOL)

  3. I like very much old photos! nice blog!

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