August 6, 2009
Anna Sui always has a bit of that hippie, boho luxe thing going on. Mixing patterns, textures, deep saturated colors, and those tiny little details that look like they were plucked from the world over.

Some of my favorites from the Fall 2009 RTW collection.
Anna Sui Fall RTW 2009

The collection is a mix of Victorian (note the puffy sleeved tops and the little bow and brooches?), flapper inspired headwear, disco 70s (note the metallic tights), and a little bit of Western (the boots, the bags!) I wonder if Anna Sui throws a bunch of different styles into a velvet bag and draws out different slips of paper and that's what her collection is composed of. *hehe* I love it though. It's a happy wonderful mix of styles and elements of fashion throughout the different eras.