September 29, 2009

Be yourself as you are and as you want to be. The frocks you wear will achieve this ambition for you. You can create a charmed circle of admiration wherever you go simply by the way you dress.

Happiness in wearing clothes is dependent, however, on some homely and revealing facts. You must know what you are really like. No one else, however, need know the whole truth about you.

You must have a long mirror and use it unsparingly in the best possible light. Unflattering daylight is essential. Then examine your contours and your proportions with the same critical eye with which Hollywood examines applicants for bathing beauty contests.

If all people reacted the same way to colors we could just give you a set of rules about what happens when one wears red, for instance, and all you would have to do is memorize the rules and be assured that all would be well. But we can't do it that way since no two people are exactly alike. Do you know anyone exactly like you except possibly your twin sister? No two people have exactly the same combination of coloring of hair, eyes and skin together with build and facial expression. In other words, no two personalities are exactly alike. But what about "types" you say? It's a comfortable theory but it just doesn't work when you start out to select your own best colors. Few of us are types, most of us are a mixture of characteristics found in a number of so-called types.

The exact coloring of your own hair, eyes and skin as well as your own special personally must be taken into account in accurately determining which colors are best for you.

Source: Paris Frocks At Home published in 1930 by Butterick Publishing, New York. Excerpts from Photo from IMDB from "Coco Before Chanel" starring Audrey Tautou.

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