September 29, 2009
How ironic is this...

My camera decides to get all crazy on me about 10 minutes after these were snapped and now I am without a camera and have to wait for a new NIKON body in the mail. (4-21 days...oh torture!)

It's funny the last pictures my camera took are pictures of pictures and a picture of me taking a picture.

I know it's not really a clear photo, but so far it's really the only one I have with short hair. But I must say, I really love the new cut. It's definitely the shortest my hair has ever been! But I was so tired of the long hair.

This morning I tried pin curls, turned out cute, a little puffy though. Oh, well. Once the camera is back in order, I'll take some photos of vintage inspired hairstyles I've been trying out.

And this was my hair at the end of April...

And a bit of a shorter 1940s hairstyle in July... Au revoir long hair!


  1. I can't wait for other pictures of the new cut and most of all of new hairstyles!

  2. oh short hair suits you so well!
    you look so chic.
    how is life in the new place?

    Love, Jenna

    and guess what, I finally have credit card so I can buy something from AV...but I have hard time to choose what!!!!!!
    Thankyou for making this so complicated *HAHAH*

  3. I remember i ever saw your post about you curling up your hair and you said you used some lightweight shine serum (pantene). Can you tell me what exactly the name of the product please? i saw your hair truly amazing using it and i wanna try some of those too. hope to see your reply soon. thank you so much :)

  4. Nice pictures I like you all collections.

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