September 24, 2009 chorus has a talent show we like to call "Coffee House" where everyone gets dressed up, eats dessert and sings for each other. I was REALLY looking for an excuse to buy this dress. :-)

Green dress: Modcloth
Purse: Modcloth
Shoes: vintage, via Etsy

Photo courtesy of reybeltane via Flickr.


  1. Fabulous green dress! My favorite color so must have!

  2. This is pretty awesome, she actually lives very close to me and we shop at the same stores in our area :) Good choice! hehe!

  3. aww that's awesome! Great dress!
    My chorus back in the day, did the same thing! Except ours was called the Follies. And we were all in pj's (except for skit costumes) b/c it was after LONG LONG practices on our retreats. Some of my best memories!

  4. Very lovely! The coloring is great!

  5. oh wow! thanks so much for featuring me! It was such a fun night to dress up for!


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