October 12, 2009
This week I've been adding a bunch of vintage costume jewelry, vintage dresses, tops, and outerwear. After nearly a month being on a semi-hiatus because of the move, I've been working double time on getting new vintage goodies up in the shop! I hope you adore everything as much as I do!

Shopping Sources: 1. jungle cover dress , 2. elinor bangle, 3. tiny morsel necklace, 4. megara necklace, 5. animal procession dress, 6. sugar glaze ring, 7. isabella ring, 8. jovial watcher brooch, 9. sonya garland blouse

+++ The 'Jungle Cover Dress', 'Animal Procession Dress', and 'Megara Necklace' are coming soon! (They'll be available in the shop later this week!)


  1. I love the rings, my size too :( damn being broke!

  2. hello!
    I absolutely love your online shop & blog. did you start this all by yourself? where do you get all of the different clothes/accessories you sell? I am so in love with everything vintage... i may just have to treat myself here ;)

    wonderful job with it all - i'm so impressed and am off to browse thru more!! hehe


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