November 9, 2009
It's Monday! A fresh new week, a fresh new start! Good morning everyone! To start the day off, here are a couple images inspiring my Monday.

I love LOVE croissants. It is without a doubt my favorite pastry. I could eat it every day for breakfast (and I sort of do already) Nothing speaks more to me like comfort food than a cup of hot coffee with plenty of frothy milk and cream and a soft buttery croissant. Yummmm YumMmmm! {credit}

The second image is a photo from British photographer, David Hamilton. I love his style of photography. Hazy, dreamy, muted tones... very lovely. This picture in particular reminds me of that perfect hazy Autumn morning. Which we've had a couple here in L.A. {credit}

What is inspiring you this Monday?


  1. Now I want to go an buy some croissants so delicious with a cup of coffee !!
    I hope your week if filled with positive and happy moments!
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  2. Me too! I want a croissant now...and it's 7 pm here!

  3. Great morning photos! Felt like I was in Paris for a moment....LOVE, LOVE croissants too!


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