November 8, 2009

L to R: Ralph Lauren & Cynthia Steffe via

I think overalls are quite cute! I love shorter versions myself, mainly rompers though. (Overalls technically are not gathered at the waist or tie like a romper does). Anyhow, whatever you want to call them, romper/overalls, I like it and wear it. So here are some other inspirations on how to wear the 'Overalls Trend'

Image sources: 1.] Vintage overalls by Adeline, 2.] Crisp Rugged, 3.] Sea of Green 4.] Reconstructed Overalls Little Red Fox

What do you think? Would you give the overalls trend a try?


  1. I love these outfits! I think overalls/rompers are adorable. I love the shortalls too. When I was in Romania, two summers ago, every single girl or young woman (and some older sassy women too!) wore the cutest denim short-alls. I still regret not buying a pair while I was there!


  2. the 90s were all about overalls, they aren't very flattering on the pear shape gals like me though. I had a few pairs. :-)

  3. Hi, tomorrow, Nov 20, a lot of overalls fans will be celebrating the very best clothing item, overalls, on the first international overalls day, see more on our facebook group, and on my blog,


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