February 1, 2010
So very happy about this blouse and the fit and the color. Recently I have becoming increasingly in love with creams, whites, and beige... the absence of color. Which, if you have seen my outfit posts from recent years, is quite a leap in the other direction.

And this time with my shoes showing as a lovely reader pointed out that an outfit post is not complete without shoes. *hehe* I mostly don't post my shoes because in full length shots I feel like a lollipop head. Unfortunately, I have a rather large head compared to my body. *sigh*

All but my shoes are vintage. I haven't been carrying a bag around lately. Mostly just this coin purse I got in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. (this word is so fun to say, btw, Chi! Chi!) So, no bag today. And for a bigger picture, it's here. Oh, dear, I feel so very vain.

Will be adding more items in the { SHOP } today as well! Items are selling out fairly quickly, so I need to make sure more inventory is added so my virtual store shelves don't look so bare! Goodies from the 1940s and 1950s soon to be arriving.


  1. I'm new at thrifting for vintage pieces. Can you tell me how to determine which decade an item is from? Thanks!


  2. Hi sugarplum! I'm going to call you tomorrow and invite you to an all day champagne brunch/ photo shoot on Weds.

    1. I am SO jealous of that blouse... it's stunning, and stunning on you!

    2. I don't think you have a lollipop head, BUT that being said, most movie stars have lollipop heads - so it's obviously not a bad thing!


  3. ahh, this is really nice. lovely classic look, R. i have a big head, too. or maybe i have narrow shoulders. thanks for stopping by! :D

  4. this is beautiful. i love your hair here. it's quite haunting as it looks like you were plucked from the same era as your clothing.

  5. Your blouse is stunning! And you most definitely do not look like a lollipop head...you are incredibly gorgeous!


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